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Facebook Fixer | Plugin To Enlarge Photos On Facebook

(Our Tech Blog) Facebook fixer is a plugin that allows you to display the photo or enlarge photos, without the need we click on the photo. We just need to redirect our mouse cursor over the photo we want to see, then automatically, it will exit the thumbnail photo in size large. Here's an example though more clearly.

How? Already there's a picture of the function of this plugin? If you've let us follow the tutorial that I got from :
  • Log in advance in your facebook account. (Had to use mozilla firefox browser)
  • Before installing this plugin, you have installed the mozilla browser add-ons GreasMonkey, if already installed the add-ons GreasMonkey, just install the facebook fixer. If you have not installed the add-ons GreasMonkey, Jus Click this link
  • add-ons already installed GreasMonkey now just attach the script, please click here, to install the facebook fixer.

  • Completed, please see the result :D