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Facebook Beat Microsoft

(Our Tech Blog) Good afternoon visitors of my blog faithfully. Hehe there's bad news, I am now being a pain in the eyes of me. My eyes are red and very hard to see. Like this image, hehe :

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Ok, just go ahead. This afternoon I will be posting articles that I got from Kompasiana. The article by Edy Priyatna entitled Facebook beat Microsoft. I think this is true, look on Facebook's growing popularity skyrocketed. Ok we refer to the article below with the good. Happy reading.

Facebook and Microsoft

Facebook, the largest social networking site in the world beat Microsoft in the UK for the first time last month as the most visited pages. Facebook has broken a record with 26.8 million visitors in the UK in May, Facebook rose 7 percent growth annually. While Microsoft is only getting 26.2 million visitors who visit the Microsoft like MSN / WindowsLive / Page Bing. And Google still tough in the top position with 33.9 million visitors.

According to an online appraisal UKOM / Nielsen, Facebook has become the second most popular after Google's page. It was triggered by the user over the age of 50 are flocking to open that page. Semantara it, Twitter up in third place with 6.1 million users. It caused thousands of Twitter users tweet issues including infidelity celebrity scandals moist ball players of Manchester United's Ryan Giggs. And the number of female users who visit Twitter doubled after scandals Giggs or "Giggsgate."

Currently, the high growth in social networking pages driven by users over 50 years. Just a few years after the group joined the social networking page.

According to General Manager UKOM, James Smythe, users in over 50 years more to visit Facebook in the appeal of the user under the age of 50 years. It describes many users over the age of elderly dominate the online population in the UK. Previously, older age groups more likely to visit Twitter, of different users under 18 years old in two years ago but not for Facebook.

Now networking company LinkedIn market value rose 58 percent to 6.65 billion dollars since the stock market debut in New York last month, and already 3.6 million British visitors who registered in May, up 57 percent from a year earlier.

Illustrations (Special)

Illustrations (Special)
While elsewhere, Facebook attracted 140 million visitors in the United States, up 12 percent. In Spain, the number of users rose 7 percent, in France 18 percent, in Italy 26 percent and in Germany 72 percent. Then the number of visitors to Twitter rose 22 percent in the United States, 48 ​​percent in France, 58 percent in Italy and more than doubled in Spain. But in Germany, down 11 percent Twiiter users. UKOM / Nielsen has been monitoring the online behavior of 50 thousand people in the UK and in other countries. The panel is recruited either through online or offline .-