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Important Lessons From Twitter co-founder

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(Our Tech Blog) Good afternoon all. In previous posts I have discussed about the phenomenon of facebook who beat Microsoft. Still in a state of eye pain, this time I will discuss about the important lessons we can from the founder twitter ambi Isaac 'Biz' Stone, Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey. Like I quote from putuagus45, hopefully this article helpful to me and you of course. Happy reading.

The founders of Twitter, Isaac 'Biz' Stone, Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey reportedly retreated from their positions within the company.

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Although one of the founders Evan Williams remains on the board of directors, but he said he would not directly involved in company activities. While Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey prefer tuntuk use most of their time to run the new company to relaunch 'The Obvious Corporation' a company focused on developing new solutions in the IT world.

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The story of the three founders Twitter and gives lessons for anyone engaged in business and industry, especially in the digital industry. A lesson on the need to constantly innovate. Lessons about being personally not easily satisfied with an achievement. And how to become a person who wants to always be evolving.

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Biz Stone, Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey is an example of individuals who make innovation as their focus in doing business in the digital industry. They launched a Twitter since 2006 and record the number of users exceeded 200 million until the end of 2010. Rather than rest on its laurels, they are even out of the 'safe zone' by deciding to build a new company retreat.

Looking back on their journey before creating Twitter, this was not the first time they innovate and create new things. Previously, Evan as written CHIP is the creator of Blogger, a blogging site that he created through companies he founded Pyra Labs itself. Pyra Labs was later bought by Google, Blogger and eventually more and more popular to record the number 3 million active blogs in 2003.

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Likewise with Biz Stone. He previously worked for Google. But he resigned from the company for the Internet giant with Evan later founded a new company called Odeo until finally they both sell the company on Sonic Mountain.

Not much different from the previous two founders of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is also a figure of true innovators. CHIP writing, Dorsey had previously founded a company that can call the couriers, taxis and emergency services through the website. This concept is believed to be the forerunner to the emergence of Twitter.

Looks like 'talent' innovative of Isaac 'Biz' Stone, Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey was already embedded within them all along. Worth the wait how their story with a surprise the next innovation that will be launched in the times ahead.Worth the wait how their story with a surprise the next innovation that will be launched in the times ahead.