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Flower Power

       Hey Man remember the good ole groovy Hippie Days? Where is the Flower Power with Love and Peace to all? When I ran across this short quote from John Lennon it instantly brought back thoughts of the Hippie Days. Even though I was a bit young, or possibly to sheltered living in an extremely small town, I still remember wearing bell bottoms and tie dyed peace sign shirts. I probably still have one pair of bell bottoms packed away somewhere. Since this quote did remind me of those carefree days I think it only fitting that I attempted to create the "Flower Power" look in the design of our newest vinyl wall quote, Love is a Flower. I hope you enjoyed the little trip down memory lane. PEACE
       You can purchase our Love is a Flower vinyl wall quote at our eCrater store, Walls That Talk. Feel free to stop by anytime and remember that if you don't see what you are looking for We Customize!