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[Share] Software Ebook Cover Creator 3 Dimensions

3d Cover /

(Our Tech Blog) Good afternoon all. Previously I have posted on several operating systems used on the pc. Well now I'll post about the software maker Cover Book 3 Dimensions, which I got from Kompasiana. Prakasa Acek posts of friends.

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Quick 3D Cover Full Software is a free software that is very important for my friend who hobby really makes Ebook, Ebook A little less attractive and professional without any cover that becomes a character itself Ebook.

This free application is very easy to use, and also produce display Ebook cover a very interesting with a 3 Dimensions.

Quick 3D Cover Full /

Within this application is in providing some basic display which can edit sesusai pal pal of desire in an easy and clear, If interested please download at the link below

File size: 3:16 MB
Operating system: Windows