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Look out! Vicious virus discovered in 2011

Virus ilustration /

(Our Tech Blog) Good morning loyal readers of this blog. This morning as usual I will post an article, which I think is very useful for you. Especially for windows users. I had opened my favorite web is Kompasiana. In a paper written "Goresan Kata" there explained that the vicious computer virus discovered in 2011. This virus expressed no antidote. Let's look further.

A new virus has been found, and classified by Microsoft as the most destructive! The new virus was discovered on Sunday afternoon last by McAfee, and have not found a vaccine to defeat it. The virus is damaging Sector Zero from the hard disk, which stores the information most important functions. This virus runs as follows:

Virus windows /

"This virus will be automatically sent to all names in your email address list with the title" A Card For You "(Une Carte Pour Vous, or A Card For You)" Once the virtual card is opened, the virus that would freeze the computer so that users must begin again, if you hit CTRL + ALT + DEL (Task Manager) or the command to restart, the virus will ruin Boot Sector Zero from the hard disk, so the hard disk will be permanently damaged.

According to CNN, the virus within several hours has caused panic in New York .. This warning has been accepted by Microsoft's own employees. Do not open e-mail with the title "A Virtual Card for You" (Une Carte Virtuelle Pour Vous or A Virtual Card For You).

Look out!

Do not accept contact "". This is a virus that will reformat your computer. Send this message to all the people who are in your address list.

If you do not do it and one friend put it in the list address, your computer will also be affected. Attention fellow loyal readers of this blog, If one day you receive e-mails Powerpoint Presentation titled "Life is beautiful.pps", DO NOT OPEN WITH ANY REASON and was immediately delete. If you open the file, then on your screen will read "Now it is too late, your life is nolonger beautiful", after which you will LOSE EVERYTHING GOOD DATA, SOFTWARE, OR THE LIKE YA NG PROGRAM IS IN your PC, type of virus This is very damaging and people who get sent will receive access to names, e-mail address & password. That is kind of a new virus which started on Saturday night and there is no anti-virus. The creator of this virus is a hacker who claimed himself as the owner of the Life and will fight against Microsoft in upholding justice. Therefore, it comes with a virus disguising itself as a pps extension.