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Apple Vs Microsoft: War of Two Giant Computer Company

(Our Tech Blog) Good morning all. Just now I had time to visit my favorite web-blog is Kompasiana. And there I found an article that I think is good, written by Didik Djunaedi. That is war between two giant computer company. Is none other than Microsoft with Apple. Go see the news footage that I got from Kompasiana below.

Speaking of the computer world, it seems we can not let go of two big name players in it, namely Microsoft and Apple Inc. The two companies began in the mid-1970s. Commandeered by youngsters are crazy technology. On 4 April 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen created a software which is the forerunner of the Operating System (OS) and software (software) computer that is most widely used up to now, Windows and Microsoft Office. Meanwhile, around 1976 young people to another, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne started the "business" of the technology world.

Market Share, OS Computer on May 2011

Unlike with Microsoft to develop software for the hardware made ​​by other companies, Apple Inc. concentrate makes software that supports their hardware. In 1980 since Microsoft created the Disk Operating System (DOS), the company is growing rapidly and controlled almost the entire computer market. What more after exiting Windows and MS Office, Microsoft is a single giant in computer technology. Meanwhile, Apple in early 1977 launched a computer device that became a legend to this day, the Apple II.


Over time the two companies continues to grow and the pace as if the race to dominate the world. Until May 2011 Microsoft remains a singular force in the OS because it has its share by nearly 90% worldwide, while Apple only controls no more than 8.3%, with an open Linux OS that occupies the third position, 5.1%. Although Apple with a series of products only a piece of cake to master the computer market, fluttering his name and has its own reputation in terms of products and quality.


Recently a site Manolution make infografis interesting about the way the two companies, including the value of shares that accompany their development. In the early 80s the company's stock value is not much different, $ 40-50. However, Microsoft is reaching its golden ages of the period of the 90s with the highest stock value in the range of $ 140 and Apple had collapsed around 1997 during the world crisis and had suffered some losses. However, in early 2000 since Apple launched the Power Macintosh G4, the company is headquartered in Cupertino able to raise its stock value even for a moment and fell back. Meanwhile, Microsoft shares have also slipped, though not drastically. Apple found its momentum back since issued OSX Tiger and slowly the value of its stock was rising significantly. Since then Apple seemed unstoppable, what more when the launch of the iPhone and iPad is a milestone change in the world of mobile devices. Last recorded value of the highest shares of Apple's $ 353 while Microsoft is stable in the range of $ 25-27.


In your opinion who the best between Microsoft and Apple?