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Select the gadget with iOS or the Android platform?

iOS vs Android
iOS vs Android

(Our Tech Blog) How important is for me a gadget? Important, because the daily can not be separated from the internet. Can not be separated for several reasons. First, I am a web developer some websites, so the need to perform updates and maintenance of multiple websites in real time and mobile. Secondly, there are several stalls of my business on the website. Third, of course, to berkompasiana-ria. Incomplete if the day does not look kayakya Kompasiana stall.

Initially rely solely on a laptop that has faithfully accompanied since 2 years ago. Laptops also have 3 times change. Switching from 15 inch to 14 inch and 12 inch last to be brought to light everywhere. But since the presence of a tablet let alone a smartphone bermodus no mind to look for "honey" for my laptop. But initially confused. See Notebook sexy for mercy but complicated to operate. See Galaxy, slim, slim, I think I fit in that cute .. hehe.

Come the moment. At that time I had the opportunity to attend the Conference of the Admin Kompasiana at the JCC. Show that Indonesia International Communication Expo & Conference (ICC), June 8, 2011. Incidentally there are also exhibitions of computers and mobile phones. On the sidelines of a conference break, I took time to look around the stalls selling gadgets tablets.


Finally, the choice fell to the Acer Iconia A500 with a 10 inch screen, the Android operating base Eyang Honeycomb 3.0 from Google, a company renowned favorites. There's a reason why choose Gadgets Android.

First, Android in terms of the operation more simple than the iOS (Apple iPad).

Second, the price is also affordable for employees like me. Unlike iPAD could spend 2 months of my salary.

Third, Andorid OS from Google that is integrated with Gmail service that I use (for a free email that is simpler because there is no picture). Syncronisasi phonebook, e-mail address of the blackberry is very easy, just insert your email address has been detected everything.

Fourth, Android is rampant now beat its rivals. Too much and the majority of applications for free. If anyone paid the "market" live search deh outside the market, many are free. (Source)