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Dominant groups of Internet users in Indonesia

(Our Tech Blog) Did you know that the dominant group called Digital group of natives who form a virtual world in Indonesia. In Indonesia, more than 9 million Internet users or about 28 percent have ages ranging from 25 to 30 years. The group is called the Digital natives.

In addition to the largest number of population, age groups of Internet users is the most influential groups.

"Digital natives are a group that directs the older generation and the younger generation when purchasing goods and services," said Conrad Russell, Regional Director South East Asia Effective Measure, in his statement, June 15, 2011.

This group, Conrad said, is also the group who likes to do testing and present it in the online community.

In Indonesia, Conrad said, Internet users from among the digital natives are generally diligent in visiting the site news and entertainment portal. "They generally have the highest activity on a Wednesday (for weekdays) and Saturday (for the weekend," he said.

Conrad said, those are also the users of the professionals, managers, and other administrative work.

Quoted by Our Tech Blog from,  "More than 1.6 million Digital natives access the mobile Internet in May. This figure contributes to the growth of the use of up to 6 percent over the previous month, "said Conrad. "This growth has opened up opportunities to targeted marketing campaigns aimed at the target a broader and deeper," he said.

According to Conrad, enjoy the technology trends on the first occasion greatly affect how the digital natives interact. "They were what held the key to the opportunities of e-commerce industry," he said.

As of May 2011, another dominant Internet users in Indonesia is among ages 21 to 24, ages 35 to 40, then age 31 to 34. Users aged 15 to 20 years in the next position. The percentage of Internet users who at least are derived from age 51 to 54 years.