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Tips Caring and Cleaning LCD Laptop

(Our Tech Blog)  Unlike monitors in general are commonly used in your favorite old school PC, laptop screens or LCD screens do require extra attention and care, be safe, Â and not problematic. And than, this is tips and tricks for your LCD Laptop

  1. Always close your laptop when not in use. If you need to use anti-dust cover of plastic or store in a notebook bag.
  2. Never touch your laptop screen, let alone with sharp objects.
  3. Do not spray liquid cleaner directly on the notebook screen.
  4. When the laptop is closed try the laptop does not have pressure. Especially do not place heavy objects on top of the laptop is closed. personal experience on my first laptop, because it depressed while along the way, fitting a broken LCD is turned on, looks like a hole.
  5. Sometimes we forget to put a flash, bulpoin above the keyboard so you should never shut down the laptop when there are certain objects between the screen and keyboard.
  6. Do not shut down the laptop by way of slamming.
  7. To clean notebook screen, use a soft brush that is designed to clean the LCD screen from dust. I usually use soft brushes or cloths are super soft and absorb the LCDs do not forget to wipe wet with cleaning fluid. 
  8. Remember! Do not use liquid cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol. Spray the cleaner on a cloth and wipe the screen gently when cleaning. gentle and loving ya ..?
  9. Notebook screen cleaning fluid for cleaning is recommended using the same type as those used for digital camera screens. This fluid can usually be found at stores selling camera equipment.
  10. Once clean the LCD screen I suggest give its LCD Protector.

So is the little tips to care for and clean a laptop LCD Hopefully useful for all readers.