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Three months to come, Angry Birds can be played on Facebook

(Our Tech Blog) Angry Birds game is one of the most phenomenal game. After this permianan playable on Google Chrome, no longer this game can be played directly on Facebook.

As quoted by Our Tech Blog from the daily newspaper According to information submitted Vasterbacka Peter, chief marketing officer of Rovio, the plan will be realized within the next three months. Vasterbacka have any official position with the title "Mighty Eagle" said Rovio and Facebook is conducting exploratory.

"We will issue a social networking based permianan us a few more months. We're currently mempersipakannya with Facebook and the Angry Birds will be active on the site within the next three months," said Vasterbacka as reported by the website, last week.

Not explained, how to model this game on Facebook, whether to forward the social function on Facebook, or others. Wait and see what surprises will be demonstrated by this game.

Vasterbacka only ensure that the Angry Birds will be treated like Farmville, artificial Zynga games are very popular on Facebook. Diakss games or it will be free, but to gain more experience with additional features or ekstras users are asked to pay. profits from the sale will be divided between the Rovio and Facebook.