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How to Login on Facebook Without Email?

(Our Tech Blog) If you are often out in the facebook account, maybe this trick is quite useful for you, because if every time you log onto facebook account must include an email address that is sometimes long enough to make us a bit over time (although not too much). and to instead is to use your facebook profile username. username facebook can you see on your profile page

example: my profile address

So my facebook username is agus.istiqlal and I was able to log into my facebook account with a username instead of email address, as shown below:

Just enter the username and password, we'll go straight to our facebook account.
But permasalahanya if you do not have a username and your username is still a digit numbers you could also go with the numbers, but if you want to change it with your name, please enter your account settings

Click the account at the top right corner and select the account settings:

after entry in the account settings, please change the user name, and better when the content with your real name, because this is the address your facebook

Please check availability of your name, if name is not available meant someone else was using that name please replace by adding letters or other characters up to you, and once successful, now you can log in your facebook account with a username without enter your email address. So hopefully useful to you.