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How do I buy a second CRT / LCD ?

(Our Tech Blog) Upgrading or updating hardware, computer hardware maybe we can do easily, but usually the major constraints is the lack of sufficient funds. Therefore we can work around this by buying the hardware used but quality:) This time I will share about tips on buying a used computer monitor, be it a monitor type CRT or LCD type second.

This is my tips, taken from
  1. Make sure first how much money we have, so we can guess a valuable monitor fits with our bags.
  2. After making sure the funds, then we started to monitor the search. Think also monitor brand and size you need to target your monitor.
  3. After finding the target, see his physical condition is redundant if there are any defects or hidden damage. Do not forget to ask the seller, the reason monitor owners sell the used monitor, as they may be targets you've destroyed earlier. And do not hesitate to look for used monitors from other vendors, do not just focus on one particular vendor.
  4. While to know the dead pixel (screen damage) on the second monitor, you can search for Dead Pixel test software on Google, many have discussed about this:)
  5. Once you are sure to target your old monitor, immediately bought it because it's not just you who want a monitor:)
I hope, this article usefull for us :D, Good Luck :P