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3 local Best Indonesian Antivirus

(Our Tech Blog) Indonesia is one of the richest country in the world, not only dalah field of culture, but also in technology. To that end, here I want to review the three antivirus best antivirus including those made ​​in Indonesia. And believe it or not, one of these antivirus created by children aged 13 years. Let us refer to the following reviews:


Antivirus is in addition to lightweight (only about 700 kb) is also highly qualified. There are several advantages Ansav among others:

Quoted from after the first renewal Ansav is how it looks. Ansav be more simple but interesting. Good again Ansav even be lighter but still powerful tetep. The proof is the first time Ansav memory scanning run so much faster than previous versions Ansav, both Secondly, Ansav now can live update, third Ansav have quarantine facilities, the four natural readmenya Ansav Guardnya Ansav stated that the more stable. Ansav Ansav Guard is a facility to protect your computer automatically, the fifth Ansav support more plugins. Actually the plugin itself is already a surplus Ansav, six multi-language. Ansav you just downloaded will have 3 languages: English, Indonesian, and Javanese.

And there are many other advantages advantages of this antivirus Namu had not called one by one.

Smadav 2011

SmadAV made ​​with the aim to clean and protect your computer from viruses spread locally that many in Indonesia .. If you often surf or often install new programs, you are still strongly recommended to merge with Antivirus SmadAV Import (for example, that free is Avira, AVG or Avast, and the pay is Kasperksy, Norton, or NOD32). SmadAV can work with almost all antivirus imports so that your computer is completely protected from viral infection both local and foreign virus (global). Currently SmadAV 2011 already identified most of the local virus widespread in Indonesia. These are the reasons why using SmadAV:

  1. SmaRTP Technology, SMART-Protection
  2. Smad-Behavior Technology
  3. Smad-Lock Technology
  4. Smart Scanner (Intelligence)
  5. Cleaner Infected Document
  6. Cleaning & repairs (1500 value) Registry
  7. Latest update at each revision
  8. Weapons Manual is very easy to use
  9. free
  10. Portable and support OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Name Artav A local anti-virus has just made ​​by the child's country Indonesia may not be as famous as the name of the other local antivirus, but Artav been crowned as the best antivirus of 5 local antivirus latest on one online forum, at this time I will try to share about antivirus artav.

Anti-virus maker Artav is a grade two boy students of SMP Negeri 48 Bandung named Arrival Dwi Sentosa .. Names beginning artav berasala of Arrival Taufik said the Anti Virus. Because the child's name is Arrival while akaknya is taufik so tercetuslah with Artav name. Artav has features that complete and varied, and quite tough in combating a variety of the latest viruses. Surely you all want to get Artav Free Download Anti virus? Let us refer to below.

Although the arrival was a kid is able to create visual-based anti-virus with basic, besides anti-virus powerful enough to conquer some of the local and foreign anti-virus.

If we know the anti virus artav features a diverse, and here's some of the anti-virus fitus artav is: Realtime Protection, Anti-Hacker, Mail Scanner, USB Protected and Link Scanner, and is currently artav also has issued a new version that adds Worm Detector features and Rootkit Detector.

With the support of nearly 2,000 species with nearly 500,000 virus variants, Artav managed to eradicate the latest viruses are infecting many computers as middle W32/Sality and VBS / yuyun, while the scanning speed Artav arguably pretty quickly.

And the really amazing few days the child is holding a public lecture followed by many lecturers and some students over the age of your daripadanya.Jika artav curious about the anti virus is not directly have to wait long before you wrote artav download anti virus and attach it into your computer.

Repair Features:

  1. Improved Detect Generic Trojan Virus NOD32
  2. Improved Uninstall Not Clean
  3. Improved ART-AnKey, Algorithm Code to trick Keylogger


  1. The addition of 53 Variant Viruses
  2. Addition Form Inspection Report
  3. Changes in the Main Display
  4. Setting the Default Color Black As ARTAV

For those of you who are interested in Artav, you can get on the link below

Weaknesses == == Artav

Apparently after I tried this a few weeks Artav still needs much improvement you know ... that duah Nich kelemahan2 I feel and I thoroughly:

* Artav considered a Trojan by other antivirus. Here I try to AV Avira Premium Security Suite and artav captured and indicated as a trojan Zmunk.ais see nich preview

* Artav assume all the shortcut files (files with extension * LNK) as Yuyun Virus. Though it's not Yuyun VIRUS!! Here preview

* Design application is not good

* Internet scuritynya invalid and not as a path where it should

* Can not be in the setting in the menu, although there is writing on the top right corner of the settings but it is very simple setting tidk no proxy settings? What if Internet pakek o proxy can update donk? Then transparent menus transparent too ... should be in the dunk settink opacitynya level?

* Can not be in the Uninstall completely and must be manually in the file C program

Well hopefully these weaknesses could be rectified and Artav will be even better. Let us continue to support the talents that are still hidden, Maju Indonesia continues to make me and do not forget to continue working.

=== 2.6 === UPADTE ARTAV

Well my guess was correct direct artav memperbaki bugnya know nich updatean Artav Antivirus 2.6

-Replacement names to Internet Security Antivirus
-Improved False Detect the Foreign Antivirus
-Elimination of Tweak Registry Features and Sound Warning
-Repair Online Update
Addition of 47-Type Virus
VBS-Improvement Heuristic

-Complete Form Reports (Scanned Files, Files Detected and Cleaned File)
-Changes in the Main Display
-100% Compatible Windows 7

=== Update: Artav 2.7 Real-Time Protection ===

Artav back in the new revision, which updates the previous version. As we know, that antivirus artav also no less intense with both local and outside antivirus which many in Indonesia, but this artav antivirus deserves thumbs up for being able to compete with existing antivirus worldwide. Artav latest version 2.7 is the improvement from the previous version 2.6 artav is a lot of feature additions and improvements are assessed features still lacking in previous versions.


1. Replacement icons on the display

2. Repair CheckOption FilterFile and Heuristics on the Menu Settings

3. ListView improvement in ARTAV-RealTime Protection

4. Separation List Virus Scanning With Result at

5. The Scanning Process Engineering reshuffle


1. Addition of Information Directory and Condition

2. The addition of Time When Scanning

3. The addition of Time and Uncleaned Result Report On Form

4. Enhancements ART-Message Announcer hal2 As performed on ARTAV

5. ART-RegFix Enhancements That Feature For Scanning The Registry Error Scan System Replaces

6. Addition Scan Animation

7. Addition Virus Variant:

WORM / Kido.IH
TR / SymbOS.SrvSender.a
TR / Click.VBiframe.ddl
DR / Gifar.Gen dropper
TR / Stuxnet.m
(New Virus Total 220)
How to use Artav:

1. Download Artav

2. then Install

3. If there are words "ARTAV is already run in your system", point your mouse cursor to the bottom right corner, then locate the picture icon Artav, right click select Open Interface

4. You can already use Artav

5. If you do not find the icon artav, please restart komputr / laptop, and check back icon Artavnya

DOWNLOAD Artav installer 2.7 Real-Time Protection