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How to keep your WoW account from being hacked or banned

World of Warcraft is a game so popular that every day there are many new players to buy wow gold or wow accounts playing.However SFOR, some of them are beginners who just started wow the game, but wow account was hacked by some reasons.While be hacked is far from permanent, the inconvenience of having to contact a GM that worries some.

To avoid finding himself unable to play for a few days while Blizzard restores your items, take the following steps to make your account more secure. Now, PBT as a leading professional wow website will tell you how to prevent your account from being hacked wow.

Protect your e-mail address: Email address is possibly the easiest way that a hacker has your account. Many people use a lot of free email such as Hotmail, to handle your email needs. But these accounts are usually the target of phishing scams that try to trick the hacker to your account information. Often, these emails look authentic and many people are deceived by clicking on them to verify the information inside.

Once the website looks real enough, but in reality it is a cloned version of the actual webpage that simply stores the information given by the hackers and then take control of your account. The easiest thing to do is go directly to the World of Warcraft website to verify all claims made by these emails.If any of the claims in the email are true, your account information are reflected in it, and wow account will probably be hacked.

Trying to retrieve your password and change it at times: If you change the email address registered in your account, you will receive in your email password created by Blizzard.Immediately change your password to something that is not used anywhere else and strong.I also recommend throwing in upper case or two, but passwords are not sensitive Battle.Net to prevent your account from being hacked.

Protection System Using Authenticator: The authenticator is usually taken as an additional layer of protection for those that have been handled before, but may be the best deterrent you can buy. For a few dollars you can ask an authenticator to link to your account which increases the security of your account dramatically.

Never use a WoW add-on for wow gold: WoW add-on means that it is an executable file instead of a file that works with Warcraft interface.This, a program will be held in the safe installation on.Typically complement one end extensions. tga,. txt o. xml. Other extensions may exist, just keep in mind. Exe. You may have to open the file. Zip and navigate through files to find add-ons such file.It maybe hard for you to stop using it, but it's worth, if you want your wow account security. Preventing wow your account from being hacked is to be of crucial importance.If sure you want your wow account, you can visit for more safety tips or buy wow gold here. articlebase