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10 Countries with Highest Speed ​​Download

(Our Tech Blog) A study presented ranking countries in the world in terms of download speed internet. The result, South Korea had topped the list. What about Indonesia?

The study was performed by Pando Networks, a content delivery company. As quoted by detikINET from AFP on Thursday (09/22/2011), this study based on 27 million downloads in 20 million computers in 224 countries took place in June 2011.

Based on this study, the average global download speed is 580 KBps. Here's a list of 10 countries with the highest speed:

1. South Korea: 2202 KBps
2. Romania: 1909 KBps
3. Bulgaria: 1.611KBps
4. Lithuania: 1463 KBps
5. Latvia: 1377 KBps
6. Japan: 1364 KBps
7. Sweden: 1234 KBps
8. Ukraine: 1190 KBps
9. Denmark: 1020 KBps
10. Hong Kong: 992 KBps

Interestingly, some countries are starting forward turned out to have relatively low download speeds. United States is ranked 26 with 606 KBps. 599 KBps then England, France or Canada with a 604 KBps 579 KBps.

"Although in general developing countries surpassed developed countries, but countries with big names such as the United States, Britain, France, China and Canada are not even close enough to the title of the fastest," said Robert Levitan, chief executive of Pando.

How Indonesia? From this interactive map, Indonesia had an average download speeds of 129 KBps. Compared to other Southeast Asian countries, the country is slightly less. Malaysia recorded 179 Kbps, 335 Kbps Singapore, Thailand, 268 Kbps, 374 Kbps Vietnam or the Philippines 213 KBps. For the lowest download speed is held by Congo with 13 KBps.