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VIDEO: Fish 'Head of the Crocodile' in Swimming Majapahit

(Our Tech Blog) A fish with a head like a crocodile was found Suparto, a resident of Mojokerto, East Java. This fish was found on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 in Swimming Segaran which are relics of the Majapahit Kingdom.

Suparto discovered this fish while fishing. He said he was surprised because she thought that he threw the bait is eaten by a crocodile. But, it turns out that eating is a fish.

Quoted from, Suparto actually not the person who first discovered this species of fish. In 2009 the citizens Sukolali, Surabaya also discovered a kind of fish. In addition, West Java, and on Tegal in 2011 also found this crocodile-like fish heads.

Crocodile-headed fish like this is the type of alligator gar or Lepisosteusidae Latin language which is a species native to North America. These fish are very aggressive predators that prey on other small fish.

Not yet known, how these fish can get to the rivers in Indonesia, including in the pool this Majapahit legacy. See the video below: