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Butterscotch Candy

    This week for our scavenger hunt at Ecrater Store Network we were to come up with something to do with CANDY so the first thing that popped into my mind was Butterscotch. Now that may seem a little odd but given the fact that a few days ago my husband and I were wondering if Butterscotch Fudge would be any good. I guess my mind and my taste buds are still craving the thought of Buterscotch Fudge so all the items that I found from eCrater sellers at Ecrater Store Network are close to the color of butterscotch. 

Vintage Kings Crown Thumbprint Candle Holder from Bargain Express

First Halloween Onesie from Embroidery Fashions Boutique

Shawnee Ashtray from Comycgyrl Collectibles

     Be sure to check out these, as well as many other items, on the eCrater Store Network website. We welcome all shoppers and eCrater Store owners to join!