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"iPhone 5" only $50?

(Our Tech Blog) Chinese city of Shenzen is called. Tour guide who led us states, the industrial city of Shenzen is the fastest growing in China. In factories where large-scale centralized electronics.

One is Foxconn, a manufacturer of Apple devices, from iPhones to the iPad. Then, the headquarters of Huawei, one of the global manufacturers from China are also located in Shenzen.

"Many investors are attracted to come here. The Chinese government deliberately applying the tax is so low that they are coming," said our tour guide, explained to the participants Telkomsel Media Tour 2011 in China recently.

In traveling around the city, it appears that Shenzen neat orderly planning. The sidewalks are wide, there are special lanes for bicycles and pedestrian traffic is quite smooth. Presumably, the city is pretty nice place to live.

Tour guide said there was some electronic markets in Shenzhen that sell goods at very cheap prices. The group was curious to explore one of the market to prove its own claims.

At night, the group including detikINET chance to come to one of the market that happens near the hotel where to stay. It is true, really cheap electronic goods are sold a lot of vendors there.

It's just that it should be noted, many electronic items being sold here is a clone of the well-known products. The most popular is the imitation iPhone. Apple-made phone that adorn the shelves on display at the row of shops at the venue.

Incidentally, detikINET had witnessed one of the transactions. A visitor to make up for the iPhone mobile 5 for only 325 yuan or if dirupiahkan only about Rp 425 thousand or just about $50. Very cheap right?

Predictably, the iPhone is not the original five because Apple itself has not released the iPhone 5. When seen, his form is very similar to the iPhone 3G. Even claimed to reach the 64GB storage capacity. The packaging itself is blatantly saying the iPhone 5.

Unfortunately, detikINET did not get to try out further what kind of iPhone the ability of this 5. But the possibility is very much the performance of the original iPhone.

All other similar electronic items is an original price Beats headphones can reach millions of dollars. But there, the seller just membanderol in the range of 80 yuan. In terms of appearance, a replica of the headphones again exactly to the original.